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There are several different funding options on the BrightLocker platform that you can utilize to help raise money, receive valuable feedback and involve your fans during the development process. 


As always, BrightLocker Customer Service will help you initially build, add/remove, and alter any reward options for your game. If you have any questions or require assistance please contact customer service rep or email




Subscriptions are a great way to have a continual funding option. By offering an array of different perks associated with a tiered Subscription model, you will have a forecast-able monthly income. Here are some ways to use the Subscription model:


  • Allow subscribers to "bank" money toward their eventual game purchase or other Rewards while getting great perks in the meantime (ex. receive the game for free after being a subscriber for 12 months).
  • Have some funding options be discounted (or free) depending on Subscription level.
  • Allow access to exclusive events (make subscribers VIPs). 


For more information on Subscriptions, please click here here.




Pricing of rewards can be in US Dollars (USD) or BrightLocker 'Gold.'


All rewards under 5 USD must be priced in Gold to prevent the payment from being consumed by payment processing charges.


There is a lot of flexibility on what you can charge for each reward. For example, you can make some of your Rewards available only if the customer has a Subscription (locked/VIP), or make the pricing different based on the type of Subscription (Emerald/Diamond) the customer has (tiered pricing.) 


For more information on pricing, please click here.


Reward Types


Contribute: A quick, easy way for players to donate gold or money to your game with nothing promised in return. It's tipping in the most basic sense. Some users will do this right after a great event or after receiving exceptional service. Please click the title link above for more information.


Developer Video Interactions: Integrated into the platform is a video streaming/interactive chat system. You have the ability to sell Rewards for chats or streams that can be set up either as one-time events or scheduled to repeat as many times as you like. These can be sold as intimate 1-to-1 conversations or 1-to-many streams to a wide audience. These are the kinds of premium Rewards only found at BrightLocker and one of your best assets for building and growing a devoted follower base. 


Guided Choices (TM): A unique voting system that gives gamers an unprecedented level of involvement in the development process. The developer can can decide which options and what areas of the game are made available for the public to vote on, allowing gamers to help choose any number of features, from new weapons or maps to the name of an important character. Please click the title link above for more information.


Treasure Chests: A mystery grab bag item that can be stuffed with a wide array of items/services, that when purchased grants three random Rewards by set rarity. Please click the title link above for more information.


Physical Goods: Any Reward that must be physically shipped to the buyer, like T-shirts, bobbleheads, plushy toys, posters, etc.


Digital Goods: Any Reward that can be downloaded straight onto a computer or mobile device, like wallpapers, concept art, soundtracks, test notes, etc.



Display and Packaging


Mega Rewards: An option to transform any Reward's normal-sized dimensions into a larger, more eye-catching banner. This is a great way to highlight a unique item in a particular category. 


Combo Packs: Bundle a set of items together at a slightly discounted price to entice gamers to purchase.


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