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Subscriptions are a great way to have a continual funding option and a way to provide exclusive Rewards to your most dedicated and supportive fans. By offering an array of different perks associated with a tiered Subscription model, you will have a forecast-able monthly income. Here are some ways to use the Subscription model:


  • Have major or exclusive Rewards unlock only after subscribing for a certain amount of time to entice users to subscribe for an extended period (ex: Game demo becomes available after subscribing for three months).
  • Make some Rewards discounted or free depending on Subscription level (ex: Diamond subscribers get free access to all streams while everyone else must pay).
  • Allow access to exclusive events or perks (ex: Grant subscribers access to a certain feature that is otherwise not purchasable or attainable, thus turning your subscriber into "VIPs").




The BrightLocker platform allows the flexibility to support multiple (tiered) Subscription options for your game. The first Subscription level (Emerald) is $4.99. The second Subscription level (Diamond) must be at $14.99. 


Subscriptions will be charged to the customer on the exact day of the month that they subscribed. If a customer sets up a Subscription for your game on January 8, they will be billed in full on that day and then on the 8th of every subsequent month unless the Subscription is canceled. 


If a customer cancels their Subscription they will still remain active and have access to all the same perks as a Subscriber until their final paid month has finished. As in the example above, if the customer subscribes on January 8 and then cancels the Subscription on January 12, they will still have subscriber privileges until February 8, at which time they will no longer have access to any of the subscriber perks.

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