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Banner images for your game page are the key to grabbing a customer's attention. There are two types of images that will be needed to showcase your game: Baseball Card Art and Banner Art. Having strong, visually appealing art will ensure you are making the best first impression possible when gamers come to your page, and more importantly, increase the chances of getting them to stay. 


Below are ideal examples of Baseball Card Art that can be found once you click on the Games tab:





Once a customer selects a game from the options above (or if they go directly to your game from another site or shared URL), your game page will showcase your Banner Art at the top. There are several badges and titles that will be present in the periphery of the image area, so make sure keep the important parts of your image in the center. Please note that a generic font title will be displayed on the left if your game does not have its title in the Banner Art:






The requirements for both types of art on the BrightLocker platform are:


  • File Size: No larger than 5mb
  • File types: JPG, BPM, PNG, GIF, and Animated Gifs
  • Dimensions: 960 pixels wide by 300 pixels high for Banner Art and 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels high for Baseball Card Art



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