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A Guided Choice (TM) Reward allows players to interact with developers and influence the game creation process by giving them a single vote on a certain vertical slice of the game. Guided Choices are an ideal way to gauge player opinion and gain important feedback while strengthening your relationship with the community. 



The Guided Choice system functions by allowing you to provide the player with multiple options (typically 2-5) to choose from. The options are limitless, and can range anywhere from a new variety of monster, to a new skill or weapon a certain class of character can use. The player is then able to cast a vote for one of the available choices, with the choice receiving the most votes by the end of the voting period then becoming a real, tangible aspect of the game for players to enjoy.


BrightLocker understands the risk of asking the consumers for input or suggestions about certain aspects of the game, so please be careful not to provide any choices that could potentially break your game or be impossible to implement. 


Guides Choices have the option of being limited by amount, variably priced (Subscriptions,) or highlighted (Mega Reward).

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