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NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE - Reward Type is in Development. 


Treasure Chest is a Reward that randomly distributes prizes from a list of possible items. You can fill the chest with any of the Rewards you have available: Digital Download, Physical Goods or Interactive Streams/Charts. Upon opening, three items in the chest will randomly be chosen as prizes for the user. The drop rate is individually weighted for each item, which will determine the percentage at which they are chosen as prizes. 



When creating such a Reward, you as the developer need to think about the items you want to be rewarded from this chest and the frequency (percent chance) of each particular item dropping. BrightLocker recommends that you include one or two popular items of higher value that have a low percentage of being rewarded to entice the players to purchase Treasure Chests. 


BrightLocker will enter in the Rewards, as well as associated art and drop rate. Additionally, due to the nature of this type of Reward, BrightLocker will run extensive testing to make sure drop rates are within your requested parameters. BrightLocker highly recommends that you also conduct your own independent tests in the testing environment to be sure it meets your standards. 




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