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Developer 1-to-1 Chats and Video Streams are two of the most unique and exclusive services that BrightLocker has to offer.


Integrated into the platform is a video streaming/interactive chat system. You have the ability to sell Rewards for chats and streams that can be set up either as one-time events or scheduled to repeat as many times as you like. These can be sold as intimate 1-to-1 conversations or 1-to-many streams to a wide audience. These are the kinds of premium Rewards only found at BrightLocker and one of your best assets for building and growing a devoted follower base.


Developer 1-to-1 Chats are meant to be a private conversation with one member of the development team and a fan. These are ideal for die-hard gamers who want to go deeper into a particular subject, receive tips and tricks from expert designers or artists, and generally just have a more exclusive and intimate experience. Typically these are 30 minutes in length.


Video Streams are less personal than 1-to-1 Chats, but are still an incredible way for fans to immerse themselves further into their favorite games. This 1-to-many concept can take whatever form you desire, from setting up a camera behind an artist while he or she is drawing for a couple hours, to having a producer give a live update to the fans on the status of the game or some special announcement. With these streams, only the development team can talk while the fans look in and listen. Within the streaming service is a rolling chat where customers can type and give feedback live to the developer while the stream is underway.


Selling interaction time is one of the great tools on the BrightLocker platform and allows your customers to feel more connected to your game as it is under development.


These items have the option of being limited by amount, variably priced (Subscriptions,) bundled (Combo Packs,) randomly rewarded (Treasure Chest,) or highlighted (Mega Reward). 


To get started, contact your BrightLocker rep or send an email to For Video Streams, BrightLocker will need a specific date for the event, artwork for the reward and the Account name that will be hosting the event.  


For 1-to-1 Chats, BrightLocker will need a list of available dates so when the Reward is purchased it can be scheduled by the customer, artwork for the reward and the Account name that will host the event. 



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