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Physical Goods are any Reward that must be physically shipped to the buyer, like T-shirts, bobbleheads, plushy toys, posters, etc.


BrightLocker recommends that you take the time to think about what sort of physical Rewards your customers would enjoy, as this is a standard and popular offering for most games. 


These items have the option of being limited by amount, variably priced (Subscriptions,) bundled (Combo Packs,) randomized (Treasure Chest,) or highlighted (Mega Reward.)  



Keep in mind when pricing Physical Goods you have to account for any sort of shipping (tracking, lost packages, refunds/replacements, etc.) when calculating cost or price for such a Reward.


NOTE: BrightLocker can assist with the fulfillment of Physical Goods (for a fee). Please reach out to Customer Service for help.



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