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The Updates Page will contain all of the news announcements and important game progress you want to share with your fans. In order to post an update, you will need to provide BrightLocker Customer Service with content that is formatted exactly as you wish it to appear, and the exact date and time you wish it to go live. 


The Updates Page is an integral part of a successful BrightLocker experience and the driving force behind keeping your followers excited, aware and engaged in your game creation process. Spending the appropriate amount of time and resources on making updates at regular intervals will help drive subscriptions that help fund your game.


BrightLocker further recommends that you have a regular schedule for the types of updates that are made (ex: post concept art on Tuesdays, new in-game footage on Wednesdays the latest news on Fridays, etc.). This will foster a regular rhythm for followers returning to the site to obtain specific content they desire. 


BrightLocker cannot stress enough the importance of regular updates to the success of your game(s) on the platform.


Please keep in mind that any updates you create may be commented on by customers. 



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