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How will BrightLocker help me fund my game?

BrightLocker goes far beyond a basic fundraising site. BrightLocker is a first of its kind platform, enabling you to build and stay connected with an eager audience of gamers, interact with subscribers, fund your project, and validate your ideas during development. By giving gamers multiple options to support their favorite developers (Subscriptions, a la carte goods, paid interactions, donations, etc.), BrightLocker removes most of the hurdles posed in general crowdfunding. 



How do I start a project on BrightLocker?

You begin by submitting a proposal on the form at the bottom of this page here. The BrightLocker team will then review the submitted project, and then contact you within a couple of weeks about the possibilities of promoting your game on BrightLocker. 



What about funding goals?

The BrightLocker platform does not have funding goals. It's designed for continuous funding. Your fans are paying for interactivity, physical and virtual goods, and having a deep level of involvement in the game development process.



Will BrightLocker own a portion of my IP?

No, this is your game. BrightLocker just provides the platform that allows you to fund, build a following and interact with your fans.



What are BrightLocker’s fees?

BrightLocker does not take money up front. Getting on the service and getting your game in front of fans costs you nothing. BrightLocker only makes money when you do, taking a small portion of the funds you make on the platform by selling Rewards and Subscriptions. The exact portion will be outlined in your developer contract. Please send an email to to find out more.



Do I have to sign exclusively with BrightLocker? 

You do not have to sign exclusively with BrightLocker, and may run other campaigns simultaneously if you want to. However, consider that while sites like Kickstarter focus on short fundraising hits, BrightLocker is designed to support your project all the way from concept to launch and beyond



How does BrightLocker’s publishing work?


In addition to BrightLocker's main offerings to developers, you can also choose to opt-in to the platform's additional publishing services, and BrightLocker can then negotiate the depth of involvement with you (exclusive vs. non-exclusive, marketing support and more).


How much time will I need to prepare to have my funding project up and running on BrightLocker’s site?

BrightLocker advises that partners begin working on their funding project at least 30 days in advance. A dedicated team at BrightLocker will work with you both before and after your launch on all aspects of your project, including PR, profile building, Rewards and marketing.



What role does BrightLocker play in helping promote my project (Marketing/PR) once it's active on the website?

You oversee the Marketing and PR campaign for your game, however BrightLocker has a preexisting user base and we frequently does promotions, emails and advertisements that will help drive visibility to your game. BrightLocker also has a dedicated and experienced team that will work with you to help plan your campaign throughout your project.



How does physical reward sourcing and fulfillment work?

Partners are ultimately responsible for physical Rewards fulfillment and distribution. However, BrightLocker can work out special cases to take on that responsibility for you. This would be discussed prior to the physical Reward being advertised on the BrightLocker site.



How do I communicate with fans?

You will be able to communicate with your fans using several methods. The Updates Page of your game page is a great place to post news and events. Customers, admins and mods can then interact in the attached threads. There is also a Discuss Page where you are able to communicate with each other in a hybrid live/threaded chat. Best of all, BrightLocker's integrated streaming tech means you can offer chats and streams to one or many of your fans, right on the platform.



What information or data is available to me about my game and people funding my game?

BrightLocker provides all its partners access to a whole suite of BI (Business Intelligence) information regarding traffic to your game page, customer’s habits regarding reward purchases, how customers were directed to your game page, etc. 



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