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While BrightLocker does not actively moderate the customer facing comment sections (Updates Page and Discuss Page), any comment that is found to be in violation of the User Agreement or site Terms of Service will be removed. The customer in violation will be contacted and warned about their infraction. BrightLocker staff will make it very clear it's BrightLocker that is enforcing these rules to prevent any confusion on the action taken. 


In the case of severe abuse, user suspension from the site may be required. Suspensions of 72 and 168 hours are the standard punishments, along with a permanent Account ban for more severe cases. For more information on violation types, please see the Web Site Rules Article.


If for any reason you see any inappropriate posts on your game page, please feel free to report the violation to be reviewed by the BrightLocker support team. You can contact support directly by emailing Please include the post you are referencing and the User Name that has posted the comment.

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