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Rewards are physical or digital goods, interactive services and various other items that can be purchased or earned on the BrightLocker platform. They will appear on the Reward Page for each game:




Rewards are a powerful tool with lots of flexibility that are offered by the developers as a way to get players involved in the development process, help raise money, and gather valuable feedback on their game.


Rewards are priced at various levels by the developer and pricing can depend on what is offered. Some Rewards may be free to everyone or only free to subscribers. Some Rewards may unlock or become available only after a certain length of time as a subscriber, while others may be available to all for a price and discounted if you have a Subscription. Reference the chart below for further information on how the Rewards feature works:




Also note that there are three different prices listed on each Reward. One represents the price if you're a non-subscriber, while the other two will display your pricing if you’re an Emerald or Diamond Subscriber, respectively. Typically, if three prices are shown the regular price will be higher than the Subscription price. Depending on your Subscription status certain price offerings will be unavailable. See below for visual reference:




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