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Legends of the Brawl by Dark Tonic


Dark Tonic is an indie game studio with a small but highly talented team of seasoned developers committed to creating kickass, high quality games and a great place to work, committed to strong core values.

Our mission is to make awesome and do good.

Legends of the Brawl is a 4 player co-op 3D action brawler, featuring quick play missions & shenanigans

Combining the best parts of over the top action platformers and co-op mission games, Legends of the Brawl is a new take on multiplayer mayhem.

Grab some friends and jump into a fast blast of beating up baddies, collecting loot and occasionally punching your friends. Take out bosses to claim their powers, upgrade your legends, and create new play strategies as you grow your collection of gear and abilities.

Varied mission objectives keep gameplay fresh as you join the greatest legends of the 20th century to battle Rasputin’s nightmares all over the world.


Dark Tonic Website: 

Legends of the Brawl:




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