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The first point to understand is that Streams (as rewards) are directly attached to an Account Calendar. In most cases this will be the account that 'owns' the game page. Upon request, during reward creation, the event (stream) can be attached to a different account (let's say your artist's account for an Artist Stream, as an example.) 


A stream can be started and stopped as many times as you like after it is created up until the scheduled end-time of the event. This gives you time to start the stream early to test functionality. -We highly recommend that you test this feature and reach out to support if you need help.-


Starting a stream is relatively simple:


  • Use Chrome or Firefox for best results. 
  • Log into the Account that 'owns' the event.
  • Navigate to the Profile Page. (Click the profile picture on the top right of the screen.)
  • Locate the stream to activate on the right hand side of your profile in the section labeled 'Upcoming Events.'


  • Click the Event and if this is the first time your browser has used this service, you will be prompted to give the browser permission to use your microphone and camera. 
  • After you have given permission the preview pane will open. 
  • Here you will be able to start your stream (see #2 in the image below.) 
  • The camera and microphone are controlled by the browser so if you need to adjust this it will be done in browser tools. (the example picture is #1 in chrome.)




Please note: Streams are supported by the latest version of the following browsers – Chrome and Firefox.  Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer are not supported at this time. 



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