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RED by Bolder Games


RED is a unique story driven mystery/horror game that will test your strength of mind.


After a strange accident leaves her housebound, an investigative reporter helps an old friend solve a missing person’s case. Things get complicated when the reporter learns that the only way to solve both mysteries is to search for clues hidden in her own nightmares.


Bolder Games


We are a rapidly growing experience design studio based in Boulder, CO. (Yes, we get the subtle connection to our name). Founded in 2009, our team is comprised of highly experienced and ridiculously talented artists, programmers and designers from across the country. Bolder has worked on award-winning games and experiences for Disney, Microsoft, Intel, Google, and more. We’ve snagged top spots on the Apple Store’s Top Ten Apps Lists and have over a dozen park experiences all over the world. We’ve come together here at Bolder Games for one reason and one reason only: to create personalized experiences that delight, engross, and capture the fun!



Bolder Games:


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