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Frequently Asked Questions for the CyberPowerPC Giveaway


Q. When does the event start and end?

A. The event started on September 6th at 4pm CDT. The end date has not been announced yet. The average giveaway event time is about 4 weeks.  We will notify all users at least a week in advance of the event end date. 



Q. If I already have a BrightLocker account before the event started will I still get the 10 entries?

A. Yes, the entries are tied to the 'You're Alive' Achievement. The only requirement is that you have logged in some time during the event period. 



Q. Where do I see how many entries I have?

A. We do not yet have a "counter" that shows your total entries, but all entries are tied to BrightLocker achievements so you can do a rough count by looking your 'Latest Activity' stream on your profile page.


Entry values are as follows:


You're Alive (Created an account) - 10 Entries (One Time)

Tweeter (Use the twitter link on any page) - 5 Entries (One Time)

Facespace (Use the facebook link on any page) - 5 Entries (One Time)

Whisperer (Invite a friend using social links, that creates and account) - 10 Entries per friend (Repeatable) 

Daily Login - 2 Days - 1 Entry (Repeatable)

Daily Login - 3 Days - 2 Entries (Repeatable) 

Daily Login - 4 Days - 3 Entries (Repeatable)

Daily Login - 5 Days - 4 Entries (Repeatable everyday after 5 days in a row)



Q. The Giveaway email says the PC is an i7-7700k 3.6GHz... that's not a real thing is it?

A. We're dummies and missed a typo. It will be a i7-7700k 4.2GHz processor.

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