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BrightLocker is a revolutionary platform that enables gamers to connect with their favorite developers and gain exclusive access and interaction as exciting new games are being created. 


BrightLocker offers developers a unique, ready-made audience of gamers who are looking for fresh, new gaming experiences. Developers can choose how and when to interact with gamers, using BrightLocker’s groundbreaking platform developed by gaming industry veterans who helped develop the Sony PlayStation Network. By offering gamers fun, unique insights and collaboration opportunities during production, developers can encourage gamers to subscribe to their channel, earning them valuable pre-launch feedback and revenue.


Gamers will receive exclusive content, like unique in-game items and physical Rewards, while also having access to unprecedented studio interaction. BrightLocker will help bridge the gap between gamers and developers by providing forum discussions, live streams of the game being worked on or played, direct 1-to-1 Chats and Tutorials -- even the opportunity to influence the structure of the game itself via BrightLocker’s Guided Choices system that enables gamers to vote on vital decisions during the development process. 

By gamifying the gaming process, BrightLocker taps into all the things gamers love while rewarding them every step of the way, from game concept to launch.


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