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Introducing BrightLocker: the new web community dedicated to selecting, funding, developing, and publishing video games ideas through the power of the crowd.


BrightLocker is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that goes well beyond simply funding projects. It gives gamers the chance to imagine, choose, create, play and even earn money throughout a game’s development and publishing process.


Unlike other forms of crowdfunding, BrightLocker makes it fun and rewarding for gamers to participate at every step of the game creation process, from the game's initial concept to launch. For active members of the community, it’s a unique opportunity to be a part of, and influence the creation of an awesome new game.


Through the power of the crowd and social engagement, BrightLocker allows developers to work on games that have been selected and funded by the gamer community. This helps reduce development and user-acquisition costs, and dramatically increases the chance of a game ‘hit’.


BrightLocker makes the game development process a game itself, and invites you to become a player.


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