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BrightLocker incorporates many concepts that are familiar to gamers:


  • Competition: Out of the many game ideas that are submitted, only a select few will make it to Funding & Development. If you want your game idea to win, you must “play” at the highest level by “equipping” your idea (with custom art, extra details, etc.), campaigning in the community, and monitoring other users’ ideas.
  • Currency: Like many games, BrightLocker employs its own currency, called BrightLocker Gold. Gold can be used anywhere you see a gold coin icon.
  • Social: Not only is BrightLocker a game producer, it’s a platform for gamers to discuss their thoughts and ideas, as well as contribute to the development process.
  • Achievements: Certain activities will help you gain Achievements, which reward you with votes. You get your first Achievement for creating an account, so keep going and try to collect them all!
  • Fun: Most of all, BrightLocker is fun. We’re trying to revolutionize the gaming industry by bringing the power back to the people. We hope that our product encourages and inspires your passion.



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