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Violating any of the rules below can lead to a penalty or multiple penalties, including temporary account suspension or a permanent ban from BrightLocker’s site and services.


Account Sharing

BrightLocker strongly suggests that you do not share your account – one account, one person! If an account violates our Terms of Use, action will be taken on the account; even if your little brother or a stranger at the public library actually committed the rules violation. If you’re sharing an account with your girlfriend and y’all end up breaking up, well, there goes all your Achievements, Gold, and votes. In this case, sharing is not caring. Please create and use an account for yourself and only for yourself!



We do not tolerate impersonation of BrightLocker employees, agents, or moderators. We work hard to build trust in our customers, and we cannot risk our reputation by allowing somebody to scam users or spread misinformation under our name. The penalties are serious for impersonation, so please, just don’t do it.


Buying and Selling Accounts

BrightLocker does not condone buying or selling accounts. First of all, it’s a breach of safety for you, the customer. Sellers of accounts are more often than not trying to scam you. Secondly, it’s cheating. Nobody likes a cheater. And on that note…


Cheating and Exploitation

Cheating and/or exploitation on BrightLocker’s website or games are absolutely not tolerated. This includes using bots, memory hacks, radars, physics hacks, “duping” items or currency, marketplace manipulation, terrain/line-of-sight exploits, and mechanics exploits. We know you know what cheating is – don’t be a cheater!


Illegal Activity

We do not and cannot permit the committing or discussion of illegal activities on BrightLocker’s site or services. This includes discussing the execution of a crime (even theoretically) and talking about a past crime (even if justice has been served). The following are examples of some prevalent online crimes that we do not permit: drug use, sexual content between a minor and adult, fraud, theft, threats, and piracy.


Inappropriate Language

We do not permit the following in any language:

  • Offensive profanity
  • Overt sexuality, obscenity, or vulgarity
  • Hate speech
  • Xenophobia, violent or otherwise
  • Pedophilia
  • Physical threats  
  • Impersonation of a BrightLocker employee
  • Doxxing (distribution of personal information)
  • Harassment
  • References to illegal activity
  • Derogatory references to significant historical, political, or religious figures or events



Please choose wisely when creating your avatar name, game name, character name, etc. We do not allow names that fall into any of the following categories:

  • Graphic, obscene, or vulgar
  • Malicious or violent xenophobia
  • Pedophilic
  • Generally inappropriate
  • Gibberish
  • Advertisement
  • Illegal references, including anything drug-related
  • Religious, historical, cultural, or political figures or events
  • Copyrighted figures or events



We define scamming as “the use of social engineering to defraud a person of something of value, whether intrinsic or perceived,” and we do not allow it on our site or services. Some examples include account theft, malicious impersonation, game exploitations, and gameplay disruption. We will penalize scammers accordingly; however, we encourage our users to be vigilant and use their common sense to prevent scams.



We do not allow any form of spamming. We consider spamming anything that purposely disrupts communication between other users. This can include inputting text or advertisements over and over again, trolling, blocking, or harassment.



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