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For more detailed information on voting rounds and how seasons work, please see the infographic below the FAQ:




  • Games Ideas that are submitted will usually enter the next voting round. There are some exceptions when the next round needs to be qualified for, like a Grand Finals or a special thematic holiday round. In cases where your idea does not meet the requirements, it will be set back to "Not Ready" and you can submit them again immediately after these special rounds begin. 


  • To see the list of available games currently in voting, click here. Feel free to explore the ideas and participate in the discussions. If you find one that you really like, and you want to see it become a reality, then click the game's VOTE NOW button. Each account gets a number of free votes you can earn through achievements or contests. You can also get more by purchasing them here.


  • You can vote on a game idea more than once, (so if you really like an idea, cast more votes!). Once the voting round is over, the top-voted ideas in the "GreenZone" will be moved on to a future, final round to compete against other GreenZone winners (from other voting rounds). In the final round, one of the GreenZone winners will be reviewed and picked by BrightLocker to go into Funding & Development.





To learn more about Funding & Development, go here.


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