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Games that are submitted will enter the next voting period that begins. When a voting round is active you can see the list of available games by clicking here.


Feel free to explore the game ideas and participate in the discussions. If you find one that you really like, and you want to see it win the voting round, then click the game's VOTE NOW button. Each account gets a number of free votes that are earned through achievements or by purchasing more here.


You can vote on a game idea more than once (so if you really like an idea, cast more votes!). Even better, share the idea using the social media buttons located on each page and get your friends to vote.


Voting rounds can work many different ways, but most often we run several 'Semi-final' rounds, with the winners of each going head to head in a final 'Game Brawl.' Single quick voting rounds (Brawls) happen often on holidays and special occasions. 


Once the voting round is over, the top-voted ideas in the "GreenZone" will either be moved on to a future final round or be crowned the winners of the Game Brawl. 


Prizes will vary from round to round. Be sure to read the news post announcing each round to see what is up for grabs. 




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