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There are a number of rules regarding game submission. Not following these rules can result in adjustments to the game submission, the game being taken down and in more extreme cases, the closure of the violating account. 


  • Don’t theme the game using existing media. No Star Wars, No Game of Thrones, No Legos, No Doctor Who, No Pokemon Games. Getting rights to popular “IPs” is expensive or impossible, or both.
  • Don’t use art from existing games. Don’t use a picture of a Spiderman game to advertise your game about a red and blue webslinger. You may use art as inspiration for your idea just be sure to credit the owners. 
  • Don’t steal game ideas from other people. We understand inspiration for a game idea can come from a lot of places, even other games, but do not just copy another person's idea (even from other sites) and claim it as your own. 


Don’t be offensive or rude to other people in the game description.


  • No vulgar language.
  • No vulgar pictures.
  • Don’t disparage a person (or group of people) because of race, sex (including sexual identification/preference,) religion, ethnicity, global origin, or disability.



For more information regarding game submission rules, check out our game submission Terms of Use for details.


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