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Gold is the another currency of the BrightLocker realm. While other payment methods (Credit Cards and Paypal) are accepted for purchases, some exclusive Rewards and services can only be purchased using BrightLocker Gold.


Gold equals real money for developers. Every piece of gold you give them is money in their pocket. 


Why Gold? The answer is quite simple. Gold mitigates the the service charges and fees on smaller purchases allowing more money to go directly to the developer. Also, gold can be easily given away for promotions or events allowing players to use it on any game or developer they wish. 


So many things can be purchased with gold!


Get a Game:


Digital Content:


Buy Physical Items:


Tip a Developer with Gold Through Contributions:


Gold can be earned through promotions and events, but is most commonly purchased with real money by selecting the gold icon under your Account name, or by going here.



Votes are are tokens you give to your favorite game ideas during a voting round. Votes can be purchased with Gold by selecting the hearts icon under your account name, by going here, or earned through achievements and activities on BrightLocker.


From playing games to unlocking certain achievements, the more a user participates on BrightLocker, the more votes they can earn. The more Votes you spend, the more influence you have over which games win a voting round.


Save your votes and watch the current announcements for voting rounds. 




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