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Gold is the currency of the BrightLocker realm. While other payment methods are accepted for purchases, some exclusive Rewards and services can only be bought using BrightLocker Gold. 


Gold is purchased with real money by selecting the gold icon under your Account name, or by going here.


Votes are used to participate on the platform in a variety of ways, most notably in selecting your favorite games that were submitted by gamers during a voting round. They can be bought with Gold by selecting the hearts icon under your account name, by going here, or earned through activities on BrightLocker. From playing games to unlocking certain achievements, the more a user participates on BrightLocker, the more votes they can earn. The more Votes you spend, the more influence you have over which games get made.


Currently there are no active voting cycles, so Votes have little use at this time. However, Votes will be utilized in the near future, so save them up while you can as they will be vital to your BrightLocker experience in the near future. 




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