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We understand when a game you have been supporting is not picked to be made, it can be disappointing, but don’t lose hope! Game ideas can be resubmitted in later voting rounds, (as long as it doesn’t violate our terms and conditions.) Continue campaigning for your favorite game within your community, and hopefully it will become one of the top-voted games in a later round.


Votes cast for games that are not picked for development are never wasted. BrightLocker recognizes that each Vote has value associated with it.  The value of each Vote cast in any Semi Final or Grand Final voting round will go directly to funding the winning game that is selected for production after that Grand Final.  That means that every Vote you make counts, and provides a monetary contribution to the winning game as a way to ‘pre-fund’ or kick-off the development of that winning game.


Because votes are used to determine initial funding for the game picked, they will not be refunded. 

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