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All billing and payment issues for LightEaters are handled by Apple and the App Store. You can contact them here:


While BrightLocker cannot help with specific LightEaters billing or payment issues we would still like to support you in any way possible. If you have had an issue, just tell us about it and we will see what we can do for you. 


Just send us:

  • Description of what happened (including any errors that may have occurred)
  • The Date of the Issue
  • List of what was affected (currency, digital items, achievements... etc.)
  • A Screen Shot if you feel that will help. 


How do I take a screenshot on your iOS device? 


    1. Begin by getting whatever you want to take a screenshot of onto the screen of your iOS Device. This could mean browsing to a particular website or simply getting to the right screen in one of your apps.


    2. When you've got the screen you want to capture displayed, you need to get coordinated. You need to press the Home button and the On/Off button at the top right of the iPhone or iPad at basically the same time. If you hold Home too long, you'll activate Siri. Hold on/off too long and the device will go to sleep.


    3. When you press both buttons correctly, the screen will flash white and there will be a sound like a camera shutter. This means you've successfully taken your iPad or iPhone screen capture.


    4. To view your new screenshot, go into the built-in Photos app and then tap on Camera Roll. In the Camera Roll, the most recent photo will be the screenshot you just took. 




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