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BrightLocker has a unique system that allows Gamer's like you to submit and vote on video game ideas. A voting round is a competition between dozens of game ideas jockeying to get the most votes before the voting round ends.


Each voting round may have different rules, themes, or parameters, that could lead to prizes or possibly having the game made by developer. (Please check current announcements for each voting round to check rules and rewards for the round.)   


Users of the site can read about the game ideas and cast as many votes as they have available to them towards their favorite game ideas. For a period of time at the beginning of a voting round the games voting rank will be masked and the ideas placement will be randomized on page. This is to give each idea an equal chance at being seen on the front page. When the 'random display period' ends, the ideas are displayed in order from the games with the most votes at the top, all the way down to the least voted game idea. Game ideas will move up and down the ladder in real time as votes are cast. Games that end the voting round in the designated winning slots (we call it the GreenZone,) will win the round. 


To see the list of games currently in voting, go here.

To submit a new game idea go here. 


Votes are represented by hearts on BrightLocker. If you are out of votes and would like more, you can earn them through Achievements on the platform or purchase more by selecting the little heart icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.





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