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Looking to upgrade your profile picture huh? Understandable. First thing you need to do is either:


  • Click on the little arrow on the right hand side of your profile badge and select 'Your user profile.'


- OR -


  • Click on the profile pic you already have!




Once on your public profile page, click on the 'Manage' button. (Left hand side of your screen.) That will take you to profile management page. On this page you can click on 'Select Banner' or 'Select Avatar,' depending on what you want to change. 


Arr! I'ma Pirate!!! 



From there you will be able to upload and crop images to be your avatar or profile banner.



Be sure to click 'Use selected media' after you are done to save all your hard work!


Have fun updating your profile picture and banner! Please make sure the images are appropriate as they are governed by the Terms of Use

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