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Using similar or easy passwords is the most typical way that players lose their accounts. Make sure your password is not easily guessed, and follow these suggestions below for best practices in protecting your BrightLocker account.


Make sure it...


  • Isn’t a Dictionary Word or Combination of Dictionary Words: Stay away from obvious dictionary words and combinations of dictionary words. Any word on its own is bad. Any combination of a few words, especially if they’re obvious, is also bad. For example, “house” or even “redhouse” are both easy passwords that are not secure.


  • Includes Numbers, Symbols, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters: Use a combination of letters, numbers, special characters, spaces, and capitalization, but keep in mind that their distribution is also very important. For example, "password111" is not very secure, but "D4r!cK3r95" would be much more difficult to guess or hack.


  • Has 10 Characters, Minimum: The longer the password, the less the chances that someone may be able to guess it. Please avoid passwords that have less than 10 characters in length.


  • Doesn’t Rely on Obvious Substitutions: Don’t use common substitutions, either — for example, “H0use” isn’t very strong because the substitution of an o with a 0 may be obvious.


  • Don’t use visible or commonly seen Terms related to you: We recommend that you do not use your BrightLocker account name or any portion of it in your password, as if it is followed by numbers, special characters or other words it will make it easier to guess. This also goes along with your name, kids or significant others' names. Finally, try to use a unique password that is different from any of your other passwords (email account, social media websites, online bank account, other online game accounts, etc).


Try to mix it up — for example, “BigHouse$123” fits many of the requirements here. It’s 12 characters, and includes upper-case letters, lower-case letters, a symbol, and some numbers; but it’s fairly obvious — it’s a dictionary phrase where each word is capitalized properly. There’s only a single symbol, all the numbers are at the end, and they’re in an easy order to guess.




Antivirus software helps you fight against viruses and other malicious third party programs (i.e. key-loggers and Trojans) which are typical programs used to gather passwords. While BrightLocker does not endorse or recommend any particular antivirus program, any program is better than no protection.




Use of public computers, such as those at hotels and internet cafés, significantly increases the risk of your personal information becoming compromised. Your password can be compromised by simply logging in from one of these shared systems in the event that harmful software has been installed.


If you've played on a shared system before, we highly recommend you changing your password regularly for your own protection.




It's tempting to share your account with your close friend or family member, but this is one of the main reasons why accounts become compromised. BrightLocker accounts are free and we highly suggest you don't share your account with anyone for your own protection.




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