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Let's face it, a game idea can be amazing, but if people don't click on the link to read it, it may never get a vote. Having some sort of concept art could be the reason why people click on your idea. There are many ways to commission the creation of art on the Internet, but we have created an easy way for you to do that right here at BrightLocker.

You have two ways you can purchase Professional Service - Concept Art: 

  • at the very end of the Game Idea wizard when you are creating your game idea
  • by purchasing it under the "services" tab on your game's page


This must be done before you hit "I'm Ready"


By purchasing Concept Art with BrightLocker Gold, you will have confidence that a professional artist is working hard to create something specifically for your game idea. 


How the Concept Art Wizard Works:

First, you will be presented with 3 choices of Art Type:


  • Unit: This is one detailed character, vehicle, or object.
  • Environment: This is a place. Inside, outside, wherever.
  • Scene: This is an Environment that has up to 3 detailed "Units" within it.

Second, you will have the chance to pick from 3 pre-determined art styles.


  • Realistic: A realistic depiction of the art type.
  • 2D - Comic: A style with sharper lines and a flatter 2D space.
  • 3D - Cartoon: A style with smoother surfaces and object depth.


On the Third and final step, you have 1000 characters (roughly 250 words) to describe what you want. Use this space to expand on or alter the "type" and "style" from the previous 2 steps. Describe your vision. What is in the picture? What is your perspective?

Think about including color palettes, what you want the art to make you feel, general themes, or anything else you want to mention. As it says on the Concept Art wizard, if you ask for a knight on a horse without describing it... you may get a Skyrim guard on a My Little Pony, so be very detailed! 


If all else fails, include links to pictures on the internet that inspire you. They can inspire the artist as well.




The Process After Your Purchase:

Since every project (and customer) is different, the speed at which this process happens will vary. Our current goal is to have a project finished within one week of the order submission. Only after we make sure the quality is up to our standard will we release it back to you. This is generally how the process will work:


  • You place your order
  • Customer Service (CS) agent replies to the automatically generated ticket asking you to confirm the details (asking additional questions for the artist if needed.)
  • You reply with answers and acknowledgement to proceed. 
  • CS informs you that work has begun.
  • CS later sends you a copy of a rough draft (sketch) and asks you to approve the draft or request changes. (This is your chance to make any major changes to the content. After approval is given to continue, only minor changes can be made.)
  • If approved the artist is told to proceed by CS
  • When the artist is done, CS will send the art back to you for review. 
  • You will then be able to make a minor request for a change. (ex. I would rather the characters eyes were red, instead of purple.)
  • If you approve of the final draft a full resolution copy will be attached to the ticket and you will be given a link to our art depot if you would rather download it later. 
  • The final step is for you to add the art to your game!


Here is what you get:


By default you will receive a high resolution picture that fits in a 960x300 banner format (fits the game submission banner) where the majority of the subject will be in 300x200 middle section (allowing the image to be used for the games "baseball card" preview and preventing banner overlay text from obscuring the majority of your art.) If you desire different dimensions or subject placement, please be sure to mention that in the step 3 Description or initial Customer Service confirmation email.

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