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Please Note: The Groundbreaker Achievement is no longer available. This article is for Archive purposes only.  




Complete the steps below to earn BOTH achievements!

  • Create your account (You're Alive)
  • Verify your email (Verify Me)
  • Upload your Avatar (Facing it Up)
  • Post your first comment (Are You Talking to Me?)
  • Submit your first game idea (A Light in the Darkness)
  • Cast your first vote (I Choose You)
  • Go through our Dashboard walkthrough (It's All About Who You Know)
  • Go through our Voting page walkthrough (First Step Achieved)


By following these steps, you will also earn the achievements in parentheses along the way, as well as:


  • +700 Votes and +30 Gold for Groundbreaker
  • +50 Votes for Basic Skills 


The Groundbreaker achievement is only available for a limited time! This is for the true 'early adopters' - earn it while you can!


To learn more about each achievement, what it takes to earn them as well as their rewards, check out our Achievement article here.

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