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You have a great game idea. You submit it to BrightLocker for inclusion in the next voting round. Time to sit back, relax, and watch the votes roll in, right?




Your goal is to create a following and interest in your game idea, be your own marketer!  Get the word out about your game and let people know why they should vote for your game idea over others.

The stakes are high! If your game idea earns a slot in the GreenZone at the end of the voting round, it automatically moves on to our Finals. If it ends up in the GreenZone at the end of the Finals, it’s a final contender for BrightLocker to develop it into an actual, playable game!


Ways to Promote your Game Idea

  • Share on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc) and encourage your friends to vote and help ‘evangelize the cause’ on their own social pages
  • Contribute to the conversation on the ‘Discuss’ tab of the game page on the BrightLocker site
  • Message other users via the BrightLocker messaging service, encouraging them to vote for the game idea
  • Post about your game idea on relevant forums or sites where you have a presence already
  • CREATE A FACEBOOK GROUP AND ENCOURAGE YOUR FANS TO DO ALL THE ABOVE ALONG WITH YOU. For information on how to create a Facebook group, you an check that out here


If you do make a Facebook group for your game idea, and let us know about it, we'll be sure to help you in your quest to get more followers and votes by mentioning it through our social media channels as well.



For Part 1 click here!

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