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Did you know that you can share your favorite game ideas on social media?!


One of the driving forces for a successful game idea is to promote it. BrightLocker has made this feature very user friendly!  


When you are viewing the game concept, you have the ability to Follow the game. Right below the Follow button, you will see the option for URL Link, Twitter, and Facebook.  



Simply click on the icon you desire. If you want to use a social media platform other than Twitter/Facebook, simply click on the (chain) link icon to copy a reusable URL link to your clip board. (You can then paste that URL to your hearts content. Ctrl+V or right click "paste.")


If you want to use Twitter or Facebook it's as easy as clicking the icon. A pop up box will appear with a link to the game at BrightLocker, and you can fill in any sharing details of your liking!


Oh, did I mention that you get credit for bringing new users to BrightLocker using those links? You do! By doing so, you will earn achievements which grant free votes to you! 


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