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Submission Period: Oct 7th - Oct 17th (11am CDT)

The submission period has closed. 

Voting Period: Oct 17th – Oct 31st


What do I do? Submit a "Halloween" themed video game idea. 

You might find the theme to be a bit vague, but we’ve done that on purpose! Use your creativity and show us what kind of horror-ific (but not horrific ideas) you have in store.



How does this round work? Winners of the voting round will consist of the top 3 games in the Greenzone.  

Winning game ideas from the Halloween Voting Round will be entered into our Special Annual Holiday Game Showdown, but will not move onto the Season 2 Grand Finals. (Details on the Special Annual Holiday Game Showdown will be announced later.)


What can I win? 

  • $250 Visa Gift Card
  • 2500 Votes
  • Special Halloween Holiday Greenzone Achievement
  • Entered into Annual Holiday Game Showdown (Date TBD.)

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