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BrightLocker Refund Policy

Refunds regarding Rewards and Subscription Purchases offered on the BrightLocker platform are handled and fulfilled by the third-party developers, not by BrightLocker. BrightLocker does not give refunds for purchases nor do we make the decision whether to grant a refund or not. Each Developer on BrightLocker governs and fulfills their own policies regarding refunds for their products and services. If you wish to request a refund for a reward purchase or subscription, please send an email to and our support staff will discuss the issue with the developer directly and get back to you with their response. In order to help us facilitate a refund request, we will need the following information:


  • Name of Game
  • Reward or purchase made
  • Date of Purchase (or approximate date)
  • Reason for Refund


Please make sure you send this request to us from the email address used on the BrightLocker platform to make the purchase. This way we can link the purchase to the appropriate account.

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